Mingo News 10/21: Scroll mainnet, ZTX airdrop, Celestia, crypto gaming airdrops, GRVT, BONUS

Scroll mainnet launch


Scroll finally launched their mainnet after months in testnet.

You can already bridge to Scroll network with several bridges.

If you want to interact early, you can find a project list on Defillama:


Link: https://defillama.com/chain/Scroll

ZTX Airdrop


ZTX is a crypto gaming project that announced their airdrop in advance.

There were two wais to be eligible:

  • Testing the game ($100)

  • Holding their NFT ($2,500 per NFT)

Big shoutout to Raiden, a crypto gaming content creator who shared this insane opportunity.

Celestia Airdrop


Celestia genesis airdrop claim finally ended with a bit less than 200,000 addresses that claimed.

All the unclaimed $TIA have been distributed to those who claimed, you allocation should have tripled.

Crypto gaming airdrops


We just talked about ZTX crypto gaming airdrop. Raiden shared a list of potential other airdrops, I recommend checking it.

Link: https://twitter.com/0xRaiden/status/1714994366283149350

GRVT Airdrop


GRVT, a new exchange that raised $7M with Matter Labs (zkSync) as investor, launched a referral program to create their user base.

You can register here with my ref link: https://grvt.io/exchange/sign-up?ref=564KFBE

It’s already official, points will make you eligible for their future airdrop.

The project has been pushed by zkSync official Twitter account

Link: https://twitter.com/zksync/status/1715367304534298648



I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my YouTube channel! 🥳


On this channel, I will share video tutorials on how to position for future airdrops.

You will just have to follow what I’m doing in the video, and I will try to cover every potential criteria.

The first video will be released soon!

Subscribe and turn on notifications here:


See you there 😉

Good week-end everyone!

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