Is LayerZero airdrop coming? zkSync data, Scroll origin NFT, Jupiter airdrop

LayerZero airdrop rumours


LayerZero airdrop first rumour happened on November 4, where someone said that their website ( which is probably related to governance (Arbitrum has has trigerred and SSL certificate.

It could mean the team is securing the website, preparing for many visits (so maybe an airdrop announcement).

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However, the CEO said they didn’t trigger this SSL certif, that could mean there is a security breach which is very unlikely. We don’t know if that is true or not.



In the meantime, a LayerZero powered project founder hinted something about $ZRO token. This guy is also a former LayerZero contributor.


He said everything is on-chain and if we search, we could find it. No one found anything at the moment.

I asked on Discord and this guy said this is an info that he found himself on chain, and he is pretty convinced it is related to a $ZRO announcement



Let’s see if this info is real or not. Anyway, this seems to be a good timing for $ZRO to drop considering the market situation.

Scroll origin NFT


You have 2 days left to deploy your first contract on Scroll and be eligible for the highest tier NFT. You will be able to get an NFT if you deploy after November 9, but the highest tier is finished soon.

Using a one-click deployer makes you deploy the same contract as many people, so I would recommend deploying using Remix.

Here is a good tutorial:

zkSync airdrop farming data


It’s interesting to have a look at the current zkSync situation regarding airdrop farming. Many people think it’s over farmed, but the real answer is NO.

Let’s have a look at it.

1rst Dune dashboard 👉

There is total of 4,6M wallet; which is huge. But:

52% of wallets have less than 20 transactions


44% of users bridges less than $100

83% of people used the bridge only once

I hope these data help you to see your farming from another perspective. Many people use low amounts and are not active every weeks/months.

Jupiter airdrop


Jupiter $JUP airdrop has been confirmed in a recent AMA. Jupiter is one of the biggest exchange on Solana, I talked about this potential airdrop 1 year ago. We don’t have the details yet, but this could lead to a Solana airdrop season.

I recently shared another potential Solana airdrop, here is the link:

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