Eigen Layer

Eigen Layer

EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a new primitive in cryptoeconomic security. This primitive enables the reuse of ETH on the consensus layer.

Airdrop Strategy

  1. ✅ Restake your liquid staked ETH (stETH, swETH, cbETH, etc) into the pools to earn points

    ✅ Restake your ETH with liquid restaking protocols such as Renzo or Etherfi

    ✅ Testnet (see below)

Testnet Guides

    1. Get Goerli testnet ETH from the faucet
    2. Visit this link and stake some ETH to get rETH
    3. Send some Goerli ETH to this address 0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F in order to receive stETH
    4. Visit EigenLayer testnet and stake stETH and rETH
    5. Provide feedback on Discord